Against Involuntary

India has become quite shameless in its cruelty perpetrated in Indian administered Kashmir. A latest incident adds to the pile of unlawful acts of Indian government in Kashmir. This time it is a prominent figure of Kashmir, Mr Khurram Pervez, who has been subjected to unlawful arrest and detention. Mr Khurram has been raising voice about human rights violations and other acts of torture happening in Indian administered Kashmir for years. His work focuses mainly on  thousands of enforced disappearances by the Indian forces. Presently he heads Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) as chairperson. He also acts as program coordinator for Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society. Earlier this week he has been barred to travel to Geneva where he was to attend ongoing session of UN Human Rights Council. He reached Indira Gandhi International airport Delhi to take a flight to Geneva. He had valid visa and travel documents yet he was not allowed to travel without giving any legal reason. Subsequent to this incident Mr Khurram Pervez was arrested this morning from his home in Srinagar at 12:30 am, 16th September 2016. News regarding his arrest has been appearing in local and international media. (See references at the end)

Another aspect of the Indian government regarding Kashmir has been its efforts to undermine United Nations and allied mechanisms which are the only global forums to solve international issues. By not allowing UN Human rights council to send a fact finding mission to Indian administered Kashmir and then stopping an eminent human rights defender from attending an important session of UN Human rights council, India is trying to render these institutions worthless and sending a message that it has power to disregard all else at her will. A strong response is needed by international human rights and diplomatic community to prevent India from humiliating accepted international forums.DHR Pakistan demands immediate and unconditional release of Mr Khurram Pervez along with an independent inquiry about unlawfully barring him from attending UN Human Rights Council session.

This is unacceptable - DHR wants to let everyone know that such negative tactics of the Indian Government will only expose their own wrong doings , atrocities and violence being carried out upon the citizens of Kashmir.They will have to release Khurram Parvaiz as he is the voice of thousands of Kashmiris being crushed in the mill of Human rights violations and facing brutalities upon daily basis. DHR vows to continue the struggle for Khurram's release come what may...!! And our demand is; #ReleaseKhurramParvaizNow


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