Against Involuntary

From July 16 - 24, Shui Meng NG, wife of disappeared Magsaysay awardee, Sombath Somphone visited the Philippines upon the invitation of AFAD to attend two of its conferences, raise awareness on the case of Sombath, and meet with different civil society organizations, families of the disappeared and public officials. The call to SURFACE SOMBATH is a message to the Lao government to take the case of Sombath seriously and speed up the investigation. It is also a message to all concerned governments and the global civil society to keep its focus in this very important case. AFAD raises alarm over the continued use of enforced disappearance in many countries in Asia. Its continued occurrence simply means that many Asian governments still have no regard to the basic human rights of their people. Sombath should be returned home safely, for his sake, his family, and the greater good of the Lao people.

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Shui Meng Ng, Wife of Sombath
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